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Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitvah Music For Jewish Weddings

We are here to create the ultimate party and YOU are the STAR of the show! There is no limit to the energy The Star Lights will put into making sure each any everyone of your friends and family are partying together, celebrating YOU!


This high-energy thirteen-piece band always delivers when it comes to there interactive entertainment – The Star Lights arrange and produced the legendary music you know and love to hear but with a twist! Making your event different and exciting every time they hit the stage. These guys have filled dance floors across the globe with their hedonistic mix of pop classics, rock&roll, soul, funk and disco. They take your musical pleasure very seriously indeed, so brace yourself: this is going to be one hell of a party!

When it comes to celebrating your special day, you are our inspiration. We sit down and discuss what music you love, creating a musical journey for each aspect of your wedding day. 


The Star Lights are there to invigorate your guests and get them pumped up for an amazing night of partying, the super-talented thirteen-piece will have everyone of your guests on the dance floor. 


They are high-energy, interactive and love making your day better than you could ever imagine.  These guys have filled dance floors across the globe with their hedonistic mix of pop classics, motown soul and disco and now soon to fill yours. 


Male Vocals

Female Vocals

Lead Guitar

Bass Guitar



Saxophone and Trumpet


Up to a 15 x piece configured to suit your event


" What an amazing night of entertainment you provided on Saturday.  I looked for you right after the music stopped but couldn’t quite track you down.


You did us proud, sir!  You and the band elevated the party from great to spectacular.  So many of our friends said they thought the bad was incredible.  Not just the great music you played, but specifically your energy and the way the band played in such a tight knit way.  They were really impressed.


Many thanks for also squeezing in the request for Gene’s speech…one of my highlights of the night.


We couldn’t have been happier with the music on the night.  Thank you so much for all your (and the band’s) hard work.  You are a true professional.

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