We are a distinctively experienced events and entertainment agency, and closely connect with all of our clients for events of all types with our outstanding repertire of musical perfomers. Driven by a restless passion to create the perfect party, each and every time, with  outrageously close attention to detail and passionate purpose, The Lights Inc. offer a winning combination of everything an unforgettable event needs.


Using our unrivalled, handpicked range of talented, breathtaking bands, we deliver wild, explosive and exceptional performances which are tailored to suit exactly who you are and how YOU want to party. Founders Spencer and Sophie work seamlessly together to bring together uniquely talented artists to perform for you and bring your event  to life. 

Our history 

The Lights Inc. was founded by event and music devotees Sophie Goodenough and Spencer Kennedy.


Spencer Kennedy | Entertainment Director


They say some are born performers, but Spencer quite simply redefines the role with his born showmanship being evident from the second he steps onto a stage. Blessed with preternatural rhythm and a soulful singing voice, Spencer has travelled the world as an entertainer and lights up any stage. From break dancing to body popping or smooth , soulful jazz, Spencer’s explosive, extraordinary and adaptable style means he always enchants any crowd.

As the founder and frontman of our flagship band, The Earth Lights, and their sister bands, who all have a slightly different yet always unique sounds, all created and curated by Spencer himself who innately understands how to shape and direct artistic entertainment to ensure  any event not only meets but exceeds expectations. 

Sophie Goodenough | CEO


Hailing from a family of creatives and entrepreneurs, Sophie Goodenough is a born natural when it comes to Event Management. Alongside her (seriously) meticulous management experience, Sophie puts not only her experience, but passion and promise into each and every event. Her creative instinct is what enables her to bring her natural eye for detail to this bespoke events and entertainment agency with a true spark.

When it comes to planning and anticipating, parties, Sophie's years of experience and innate understanding of client's needs, aspirations come into play.  She’s at ease, and therefore puts her clients at ease, having run everything from music festivals to private and corporate strategising and simply making things happen.

Sophie loves the fusion of fastidious detail, work and ultimately the fabulous energy and fun which comes with creating unforgettable events, and is excited to be bringing such an exciting venture to the events industry.


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